Slouchy and Comfy

November 12, 2016

dsc_0101 dsc_0103 dsc_0139dsc_0105   dsc_0160 dsc_0170 dsc_0173 dsc_0176Hey guys! Hope your Saturday is going well! I recently received these two slouchy tunics from Shop the Mint and I love them so much! They are both SO soft and comfy! I may or may not have worn them all week! Seriously love them! I got one in coral and in rose quartz. They are originally $48 but they are doing a huge deal so you can get one for $24! Be sure to check it out and grab some quick so you can stay warm and comfy for winter!! <3

Rose Top: HERE

Coral Top: HERE

Shoes: HERE

Other Tunic Colors: HERE

Lip: HERE in Vintage Pink

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