How to stay fit when you love food.

August 2, 2016

Hello lovelies! If you love food as much as I do, but you also want to maintain a healthy, fit body, then YOU HAVE FOUND YOUR ANSWER.

First of all, DO NOT DEFINE HOW FIT YOU ARE BY YOUR WEIGHT. Weight has multiple factors. Water, food, fat, and muscle all contribute to your weight. And having a weight goal set in mind can be hard,  and you’re probably always thinking “WHEN ARE THESE RESULTS EVER GOING TO SHOW?” Yes, that’s right. We’ve all been there.

I find it more useful to set fitness goals for yourself. Being fit ALL starts with one goal. 

  1. GOALInstead of making a goal to have a lower body weight, make a goal to increase the intensity of your workout each time you complete it. Write it down, and then do it.frullato di fragole
  2. DIET. Having a crappy diet and working out a few times a week will NOT justify the bad things you eat. If you love fatty foods like I do, then just make sure to balance your diet with a healthy selection as well. Eat lots of greens, vegetables, fruits, and protein. And if you think vegetables are gross (like I do), then make a smoothie! Click here to see my delicious recipes for HEALTHY smoothies.why-drink-water-for-better-health_1
  3. DRINK WATER. Drink tons of it. Drinking more water will help you produce more sweat and SWEATING = LOSING WEIGHT. Water also will boost your immune system, and it will regulate your hormones/ metabolism making it easier to stay fit! (And it will give you dang good skin, so just do it.)
  4. EXERCISE. There’s no getting around this. If you want to be FIT, then you have to earn it– especially if you’re a foodie! If exercising is hard for you and you don’t like it, then you’re doing it right. If exercise is amazing and makes you feel good, you’re doing it right. Exercise is ESSENTIAL in life to stay healthy, and if you don’t like it, then learn to like it! I promise you will, and it will forever change your life. Jogging 3 or 4 times a week is a great way to stay fit if you do/ don’t have a gym membership. If you do have a gym membership, then go crazy, but if you don’t, there are tons of different things you can do at home that can get your heart rate up, and get your body where you want it to be!tumblr_inline_na3jtt21Gl1qdu4bq
  5. CUT OUT THE FATTY FOODSLimit the amount of fatty foods/ sugars you take in. If you aren’t happy with your bod, take a look at the bad things you’re eating. I’m not saying get rid of your favorite food in the world (taco bell). You might be subconsciously eating an entire family size bag of potato chips though and it might be why you’re not happy with your bod. Replace the fatty foods with “GOOD” fats like avocados, and replace soda with either water, or smoothies.
  6. DON’T LET YOUR WEIGHT DEFINE YOULearn to love yourself and your body. Everybody in this WORLD has a different body from one another. And even though we are all different shapes and sizes, you are your own YOU. You are an individual different from any other individual. Take pride in this. You are a unique, beautiful creature and you deserve to be happy! Now take these steps with you, go treat yourself with a cheat meal, and be happy:)

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