How to Fake a High-End Wardrobe

May 5, 2017


TOP: H&M / BOTTOMS: Wight Gold / SHOES: Amazon / PURSE: Amazon / Bracelets: Charlotte Russe

If you really knew the cost of half of my wardrobe, you would laugh. One of my favorite tops that I get so many questions about is from the thrift store and it was $3. I am ALL about the cheap clothes! One thing that can be hard, ESPECIALLY for college students/ newly weds, young moms is the lack of M-O-N-E-Y. We really can only work with what we got, and sometimes our budgets don’t allow for us to shop at Nordstrom.

Is it weird that every time I walk into Nordstrom, I get anxiety? Lol. I’m sorry, but I don’t think it’s worth it for me to spend a whole new paycheck on one stupid shirt! (depends on the shirt but still). 

I have some tips for you ladies to always look like you’re sporting expensive clothing! This will help you feel more confident, stylish, and it’s going to save you money!


Go to your closet, and start pulling out all of your plain colored tops, neutral tops, pairs of jeans, and anything else that would be too boring to wear alone. Surprisingly, your most boring tops/ bottoms are the pieces that will help you look amazing in the end with a few of these tips!


Now that you have your basics, look through your closet again for anything TEXTURED. Layering a textured cardigan over a basic white tee gives the appearance of expensive. If it’s too hot for extra layers, then look for textured pants! If you notice above, I am not wearing your regular white skinny jeans. Instead I’m wearing some Moto Jeggings. What I love about these are their ribbed design above the knees and the adorable zipper above the ankle! It totally changes things up once in a while! Always pair something plain with something textured!


Now this one can be a little tedious, but I promise it is WORTH IT. You need to let second hand stores become your best friend. If you don’t have a big budget to spend on clothes and you’re willing to do a little digging, you can find the CUTEST pieces. Your local thrift shop is FULL of hidden treasures. The fact that the 90’s are back in style will only help you as well. TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Ross are also awesome stores to find amazing deals. You can even find DESIGNER clothing for way cheaper!! And then of course, if you haven’t learned already, Amazon is a wonderful little place.


I am such a firm believer in accessorizing. You can make your outfit look way more expensive by adding some jewelry. Minimalist jewelry is so beautiful and you can find some for really cheap on amazon! I’m obsessed with this Multilayer Necklace for only $7. Some other accessories that would look great with your outfit are hats, sunglasses, a watch, or a purse! (BONUS: If you already happen to own a high end/ designer anything, it will automatically make everything else you’re wearing look high end as well!)


Lastly, you can never forget your dupes. I had been eyeing these Steve Madden Wedges for so long but I couldn’t justify spending almost $100 on shoes! I checked Amazon for a similar shoe, and I was able to find these Sandal Wedges for less than $25! Amazon is honestly the best place for finding dupes. They even allow you to try a free month of Amazon Prime (FREE 2 day shipping and FREE RETURNS!)! Strongly recommend! You can just cancel it if you don’t want to pay and they will still give you the rest of the month free! Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial.

I hope you guys enjoy these tips! Please comment down below if you have any requests! I’m sorry I have been MIA these past few weeks. Lots of crazy things have been happening, but I’m so excited to start posting more! Love you babes!


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    1. Love this! Love that you show ways to make fashion fun and affordable again for this Mama. I definitely need to find some thrift stores to hit up.

    1. Such smart tips! I would add to your list of thrift stores. It is strictly online but they have curated their selection and you can sort by size, style and brand, super easy and very affordable. Bonus? Giving clothes a second life is good for the environment too!

    1. Hello and great tips. I really needed this post today. I was thinking of ways to enhance my wardrobe and these tips can in handy. You are especially correct about accessories. Wearing a few accent pieces can really make you stand out.

    1. These are some great tips! I bought shoes off of Amazon for my college graduation last year and they’re one of my most worn pairs of shoes. I feel as if some people look down on Amazon for clothing and shoes but you can find some great stuff there!

    1. You are beautiful. You can make anything appear high-end! Great photo layout! Great ideas!

    1. I love this look! The light colors go so well together paired with the black shoes and bag! And I’m obsessed with those white jeans!! <3

    1. Great tips! I was looking for a few summery business casual looks for an upcoming conference and I think I am totally going to try and replicate this one. Adorable!

    1. Definitely a fan of sticking to basic colors and classic accessories to fake a high-end look. These are all amazing tips!

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