Hottest Modest Fashion Trends

August 22, 2016

MODEST IS HOTTEST. Whoever came up with this saying is a genius! I absolutely love what being modest can say about the type of person you are, AND that modest clothing is IN right now!!

I recently received two outfits from Down East, and I LOVE them! Down East has always been one of my go-to’s for modest dresses, tops, and swimsuits for the past few years! I remember the NIGHT before my wedding a few months ago, I was freaking out because I needed to buy a cardigan for my luncheon the next day. I ran to Down East knowing they could probably save me, and sure enough, they did not disappoint! I was able to buy an adorable cardigan that I wore the next day to my luncheon! Sooo Down East has yet to disappoint me;) Here are the outfits I got!


DSC_0185Untitled Untitled1Untitled2Untitled7Untitled8Untitled3Untitled4Untitled5Untitled6

Grey Dress: HERE | Peach Sandals: HERE | Cream Top: HERE | Striped Skirt: HERE

Knee length dresses and even T-length dresses are super in right now! I absolutely love wearing dresses to church and to work! I have to wear business formal clothes more often than casual clothes so I am always on the lookout for chic, modest clothing!

I love sporting a colorful shoe with a more neutral outfit. I also love to sport a more neutral shoe with a colorful outfit. I had so much fun picking these outfits out and putting them together. I think that they are both great for the end of the summer!

Being modest is a choice, and it is such a beautiful thing. I love how fashionable modest clothing is right now, and let’s keep it that way! Hope you guys enjoyed this!

Comment down below for any requests!




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