Hello Tan Skin, Goodbye Skin Damage

February 7, 2017

Who doesn’t LOVE having a gorgeous tan? It’s the reason we look forward to summer! For some reason, we just look our best when we have some color! It makes us look skinnier, healthier, and happier. Ok maybe that’s just me. The only thing is that beauty comes at a price… That means our YOUNG SKIN! In order to get tan, we give away our beautiful, young skin! Isn’t that horrible when you think about it that way?!

I am sharing one of my biggest secrets today that I know you ladies are going to LOVE! I have quit the days of laying out with tanning oil at the beach for a new, healthier, SUNLESS method that gives me the color I’ve always wanted! Oh and I’m not talking about going to a salon and getting a spray tan every two weeks! If that’s what you’re looking for, then by all means go do it! But for those looking for a more affordable way: I have the answer.

SUNLESS TANNING. I’m sure lots of you have heard of this before. But you may be experiencing those nightmare memories of trying to give yourself a spray tan years ago and coming out with orange streaks all over your body. The method that I am sharing with you today though is STREAK-FREE-GUARANTEED 😉 You will be amazed at how flawless of a tan you can give yourself! Oh and I forgot to mention, my method is ORANGE-FREE as well. The products I use have absolutely no orange undertones! There are only brown and olive undertones so it looks 100% natural. I have a video tutorial for you guys that will show you step by step how to achieve this gorgeous tan.

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  • Exfoliate
  • Shave
  • DO NOT MOISTURIZE before self tanning
  • But DO put some lotion on your knuckles, fingers, wrists, knees, elbows, ankles and toes to prevent splotches!
  • Wear loose clothes after your tan to protect your tan/ furniture
  • Wait at least 6 hours for your tan to develop before you shower


  • Wear minimal makeup! Less is more! I find that wearing some light mascara looks so great with a tan!
  • Paint your nails a lighter color. This will make your tan pop! 
  • MOISTURIZE WITH A FRAGRANCE FREE LOTION NIGHT AND MORNING. This will prolong the life of your tan! My favorite lotion in the whole world is Cetaphil Lotion. If you moisturize with a self tanner, THIS is my favorite.
  • Try not to shave for as long as you can after this routine! It will take your tan off.

By the way, all of the products I’ve linked below are below $15! And they will last you SEVERAL tanning sessions. My method will cost you far less than going out and buying a spray tan! Just a little perk of self tanning 😉

Comment down below if you have any questions or requests for more tutorials! I love you babes and thank you for reading!





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    1. Nice way to get tanned…I have a dark skin so I don’t need to tan myself rather would like a farrier skin … But would definitely recommend this post to my friends.

    1. Yay! I’m always hunting for a great self tanner. Sounds like this is a win. Love your helpful tips too. So easy to forget what’s most effective. Gonna try!

    1. I need to do this! I hate entering winter with super pale skin, so this is an awesome (and safe) way to avoid that! Love it!

    1. WOw amazing tanning results with that product. I don’t really tan because I’m afraid of splotches but yours came out so good. Definitely try that method

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