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November 3, 2016

I am SO excited to share some tips with you guys of how you can create your own dream room!

WHITE Christmas Lights

I have been obsessed with this idea forever and I finally acted and bought 2 boxes of 300 ct Christmas lights the other day for less than 15 bucks and it is the best investment I have ever made. I cannot believe how much more cozy my room is now! They seriously are so fun and can totally cozy up your room!

defbc4a186371b3dbc1a3e83d90b29b1Pic from

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White walls are SO in right now. They are so great for lighting as well. It will by far be the most effective color at brightening up your room. I am blessed to have white walls in my apartment! If you don’t have white walls though, that is okay! You can always paint them!

b95ec5ed0d360cbc9bda015ccdbedc76Find this circle mirror HERE

Arranged wall display

I am in love with this new trend! Here is some inspo from a cute blogger, Sassy Red Lipstick‘s Home.

img_8363-683x1024Here is another one I found on Pinterest from Stylizimo Blog



Honestly white bed covers would be best! If you’re going for that gorgeous, chic white room look, white covers totally make this look! 

ef1196357a31c3db903959df0eda85a6Pic found

I found a beautiful inexpensive white down comforter for you guys HERE.


This especially goes well if you have neutral bed covers. When we first moved into our apartment, I thought of my backup color scheme I wanted to do for my wedding. Grey and yellow! The colors look gorgeous together so I bought the throw pillows and blanket all in yellow. Don’t worry if the patterns are different! I think it looks better when your bedding isn’t too matchy!




Now this can be a little bit of an investment but it is so worth it. If you are wanting to bring your room from college dorm level to DREAM ROOM LEVEL, a headboard goes perfectly with that. I would recommend one that matches the theme of your room. Go for a very light neutral color, or a dark one. Be sure it is neutral though so you don’t get sick of it!




If you want a gorgeous, CLEAN, ORGANIZED closet, use all the same type of hangers! I never knew this, but I have now found it makes such a difference!




Blinds are great but curtains are SO MUCH PRETTIER! If you don’t feel that curtains can cover the light up enough for those early morning snoozes, get both!:)




This is one of my favorite touches. I think flowers add such a difference! Especially if you’re going for the gorgeous, white look! It totally adds a pop of color to your room. My favorite is OBVIOUSLY peonies, although if you are wanting to buy REAL LOOKING faux peonies, they can definitely be pricy. The more you invest in your faux flowers though, the more real they will look!



I accredited all pictures with the link below of where I found them.


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