9 Huge Secrets to Online Shopping

March 23, 2017


TOP: H&M (on sale!) / BOTTOMS: Shop Bop (Dupe: Nordstrom ) / SHOES: Amazon / PURSE: Amazon  (Dupe: Amazon) / Necklace: Sold out, Similar: Forever 21 / Bracelets: Charlotte Russe / Photography: Paige Nicholle Photo


I can’t tell you how many times I’m about to buy something either in stores or online, and I’ll remember this special little place called Amazon, and they literally sell almost EVERYTHING for WAY CHEAPER!! The great thing about Amazon too is that they have FREE 2 day shipping and FREE returns. So I never feel nervous buying anything from Amazon because if worse comes to worst, I can return it! And it’s FREE! If you don’t have Amazon prime, then for sure do the 30 day free trial…. Now this brings me into my next tip;)


So you get a month free. If you don’t want to pay the $100 a year (only $50 a year for students), then after you start your free trial, just cancel it! It will still let you use it for the rest of the month, but it won’t charge you once it’s over… Now here’s my biggest secret… I have literally created so many different email addresses just so I could start more Amazon Prime free trials. It’s SO WORTH IT THOUGH! If you’re a college student, then you can get the free trial for 6 MONTHS! (Click on icon below.) It’s amazing. At this point, I now just pay for the Prime membership because it’s only $50/year (which is really only like $4 a month), and it’s so worth it. I have gotten so much use out of it. But be sure to make use out of the free trials if you ever need to buy something from Amazon!


Here’s another secret I have found with Amazon… Whenever you look at an item, always look for a little link that says “Used & new for a cheaper price.” I was looking for a sun hat this morning and the one I wanted was $32, but after looking at the other sellers link, I saw that someone was selling the same one for only $2.89 + free shipping!!! I’m telling ya, Amazon is full of little secret deals!


So you know that annoying box that always pops up when you go on a new store’s website, and it’s always offering you some kind of deal if you put your email address in the box? Take it from me that those things are worth it. If you have a specific item in mind, why not allow yourself to save some money? The other day, I bought these Levi jeans above, and there was a special deal going on where if I signed up for updates with my email, I would get free shipping, so it saved me $10! And then after you receive the item and you don’t want to receive emails anymore, just unsubscribe!


Jeans can be tricky with all their different sizes from different stores. So if you love how a certain brand of jeans fit you, stick to them and remember your size! That way you will never have to go inside the mall to shop for them again. You can shop from the comfort of your own bed.


Pinterest is a beautiful thing. Don’t forget to use it before shopping. If you have a certain look in mind, check Pinterest for similar items. There are so many dupes of overpriced things that look the same but will save you loads of money.

7) ThredUp

I recently just found this one. It’s basically an online shop that sells secondhand clothes. So if you’re looking for an expensive item/ brand, check ThredUp first! It might have what you’re looking for, and it might just save you some money.


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve almost bought something and then found the same exact thing for cheaper on another website. An example of this is Macys and Nordstrom. They sell a lot of the same brands, so always check both before buying so you can get the lowest price! TJ Maxx is another amazing store. It sells popular brands for cheap, so always check their website as well!


Groupon is full of so many discounts and deals! This is amazing if you’re looking for deals anywhere. I almost spent $80 on a haircut and conditioning treatment at a salon the other day, but I checked groupon for cheaper options, and I scored a $19 haircut+ conditioning treatment. I’m telling you, it’s AMAZING. They also have deals on manicures, massages, spray tans, clothing stores, and restaurants as well!


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    1. i love these tips and particularly how real you are about the secret hacks lolll. I never thought to check pinterest for dupes before shopping so thats nice to know

    1. WOW! You are sooo speaking my language! I literally ALWAYS check amazon before I make a purchase. I mean you have to wait to receive it but 7 out of 10 times you get a better price! And don’t get me started on thredup, that site has been my best friend these days..awesome, high end, quality wears for a fraction of the cost. Thanks for sharing!

    1. First of all, you have a great sense of style! That outfit is to die for! Also, thanks for the online shopping tips. My kids are off to college next year and I had no idea Amazon Prime is such a deal for college students. Thanks for the tip!

    1. You’re so right about checking Amazon for better deals. I’ve done that a bunch of times because I didn’t want to pay for the shipping at some online shops. Saved me at least $15 each time!

    1. Whenever we need to buy anything I always check amazon and ebay then do an online search to find the best prices.

    1. Amazon is such a great source for absolutely everything, the Prime is so worth it

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